SOVA DESIGN GENRE CORPORATION is a New York based Men’s footwear design company.


Our objective is to build a partnership with a strong and competent brand.  In order to facilitate this partnership we’ve designed steps to build up to that relationship through a series of smaller coordinations.  We are confident we have the skill, experience, and creative resources to power any visionary brand into leaders in the footwear industry.  SOVA has been years in the making and is finally poised to make it’s mark and the industry is ready  for a Renaissance.


Our Specialties


Although we understand all genders of footwear through 15 years of design experience, SOVA specializes in men’s footwear.  Boy’s, women’s, youth’s, and infant take-downs are a solid part of our legacy too.  We have conceptualized many women’s only products and, with the right personnel support, can easily produce those categories as well, but our expertise lies solidly in the men’s categories.  For more examples of our work please visit our portfolio galleries.

Trend spotting:

For the entire breadth of our founders history in this industry, he has been well known as an accurate urban                       trend spotter.  As a long time visual art prodigy, Yusef Sirius-El has a solid understanding of color and shape.  Combining this with his residence in New York city and passion for footwear, he has a sixth sense for the development of new trends.  “Successful footwear design trending is solidly based on consumer psychology”, says Yusef. “My understanding of trends has evolved season by season over the years, and I have a very specific set of measures to predict what’s coming next.  Combined with my 15 years of tracking the constantly evolving trends and watching the patterns and cycles, my accuracy has become uncanny.”

Tech / urban / fashion:

We specialize in the design and development of technical, urban, and fashion footwear.  “I learned how to build tech shoes during my early years at FILA USA working in the Basketball category designing shoes for Grant Hill, Chris Webber, Jerry Stackhouse and the like.  Technically as a consumer I fit solidly in the urban demographic.  I live in the city and I am a lover of hip hop music.  My philosophy is that you can design best for the consumer demographic that you are a member.  Finally, I have worked for fashion based brands for the past ten years so that is now a part of my design DNA.”

Design / development - the total package:

“Being trained by Kevin Crowley Sr. at FILA in the early nineties, I was taught to design footwear from sketch through to confirmation sampling without the use of a developer or even a communication assistant.  We conceptualized with very little input from engineers, developed graphics alone, generated specifications, outsole and upper tech packages, corrected samples until solid confirmation samples were complete.  I’ve never needed a middle man outside of a sample room coordinator in the orient.  Over the years, as I graduated into a seasoned footwear director, I also learned how to do product pre-costing, merchandising, scheduling, and management of target deliveries.  Thus I can say that I have mastered all ends of this side of the business.

I have traveled solo into the orient for years from when Pusan and Seoul, Korea were factors, through the Tangin, Taipae Taiwan years, and into the Hand’s on Mainland China years that describe the current state-of the business.  I’m familiar with all of the provinces from northern, central to southern china and Hong Kong.  I travel bi-annually with the industry migration through Europe for research into London, Cologne, Milan, Paris and into Tokyo.  I’ve been an active participant in the  WSA, MAGIC, ANTIPRIMA, MICAM, LINEAPELLE, GDS, and BREAD N BUTTER shows since the days of ISPO and the SUPERSHOW”

Mastery of all basic categories:

When you visit our design galleries you will see that we have a very well rounded understanding of all the relevant categories including: basketball, and court, running, boots, crosstraining, and casuals.  We’ve solidly adjusted to all of the the retro trend manifestations and have made several successful styles in that genre.  We have styles that have sold millions of pairs and one (see crosstraining: “The Disruptor”) that has sold over 8 Million pairs, but are cognizant of the fact that our best products are yet to be made.


SOVA CORP has a network of professionals from the footwear industry including: designers, salesmen, developers, logistics and distribution specialist, marketing and PR specialist, factories, agents and even brand associates.  We can assist a start up company by breaking them into the small and tight-knit industry networks.  We can also help build out our own design and sales teams (if necessary) for larger more established corporate brands.


SOVA is setting itself up to start a new brand.  We have experience in breaking new lines and see two large vacant niches in the urban and couture markets.  With the right partnership chemistry this will be our next goal.