Do you have that next big idea for a color or material version of you favorite pair of kicks?  Are you looking to take your concepts and ideas to the next level.  What if you could generate a technical spec sheet and have a prototype built, by a shoe factory, on your own.  Instead of buying dozens of the hottest new styles from your favorite brand and selling them on Ebay, SOVA CORP could help you could create your own color and material and, after copywriting the “colorway”, pitch it directly to the brand.  We can help you do that.

You provide us a photo or reference of your favorite shoe or sneaker with a description of how you want your own one-of-a-kind version of it, and we can provide you with a technical spec sheet so you can have it made.    This is a very technical service for the savvy shoe or sneaker collector.   Add your own logo, apply that rare material or simply get it in your colors.

-produce unique colorways with existing spec sheets

-generate original styles and specs sheets

-additional cost for prototype sampling assistance

-contact us for a price list for these service.