This special service is offered to clients who want a single project.  One custom made product can be ordered based on a specific product description.  A complete design development process will be provided for this program and SOVA CORP will continue to assist you with development follow-up until a confirmation sample is achieved.

This service is ideal for start-up brands who want to develop their own unique footwear product but do not need a full line of styles.  Also this is a good package for small to medium apparel brands that want to have a single solid footwear product to test the market.


-Complete sketch service from concept discussion, thru sketch study and CAD preparation

-Completion of specification sheets - ( up to 5 initial colorways )

-Completion of outsole and upper component tech packages ( blueprints )

-Assistance in factory communication and development follow-up through confirmation sampling.


- a little more than one “freelance unit” (monthly freelance rate).  Contact us to get more information on a “freelance unit”.


-half payment due up front and half upon submission of spec and tech packages