This service is offered to small or new brands that are looking to grow their lines with cutting edge design talent.  It is meant to eliminate risk and liability by providing an opportunity to develop a relationship in small steps. This allows time for products to affect the bottom line before further investment is necessary.

SOVA CORPORATION’S ultimate aim is to establish a relationship with a single exclusive client partner, but this service allows for 2 or 3 potential long-term partners to build up to that point.  We believe it is important to develop a professional relationship slowly without unnecessary pressure.  We also understand that chemistry is king.  Freelance service is all about long-term relationship development and chemistry testing.


-Line merchandising (optional)

-weekly face to face meetings (for NYC based offices) additional arrangements needed for distant offices

-Generation and management of design development schedule (optional)

-Unlimited product design service - sketch to CAD # (based on 10 hrs per. week )

-Unlimited Specification service / # (based on 10 hrs per. week )

-Unlimited tooling design, and development / # (based on 10 hrs per. week )

-Factory research and or sourcing (optional)

-Additional access to our Sales, Marketing, Apparel design, and development networks


  1. -one freelance unit. A “freelance unit” is a monthly rate for freelance service charge. ( contact us to get specifics )

-Minimum of three months service is mandatory to qualify for the monthly freelance rate.

-Additional charge for Orient Travel


-Based strictly on a corporate subcontract

-Half months payment is due upon start of coordination


  1. -Strong factory support is needed to insure ideal results:  We do cannot be held responsible for a client’s factory that has poor standards, including: longer than standard turn-around times, poor communication, and technical incompetence.  We prefer to avoid coordination with factories that are known to have poor quality.  Also it is important for a client to understand the ratio between target quality and target price.

-For brands that work on the Industry schedule, it is important to understand the start and finish of the design season.  This specific timing between February and August will directly effect the product development rounds, and thus our ability to meet the seasonal deadlines.  Three rounds of sampling (4-5 months minimum) are usually necessary to achieve an ideal salesman prototype.